Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE to advance open in New York City Theaters on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015!

Nellie Bly fans living in New York City who are anxiously awaiting the premiere of 10 Days In A Madhouse will be delighted to hear that the film will be opening in Theaters one week earlier in their cities on November 11th, Veterans Day, ahead of the November 20th nationwide release date.         CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Applying for jobs in the Film Industry

Dear fellow film artists,

 I recently saw the same continual mistakes on hundreds of job applications that take one out of the running even though qualified and very well perfect for the job. Everyone wants you to be the right person for the job so when applying for a film biz job please take to heart the following: Make it easy for us to vet you!

1. Put your name and contact information on everything. Every page. Everything.

2. Submit your resume, CV and cover letter as PDFs as they are readable on all formats and device.

3. List the name, relationship, phone and email of your professional and personal References.

4. List your accomplishments, not just a rehash of the job description list. "Organized media library" could read, "Created comprehensive media library out of 10 years of past project files, lowering costs by eliminating 3 storage units and enabling Producers to easily access past files for present projects."

Remember, everyone wants you to be right for the job. Make it easy for us to see that. Hope that helps!