Friday, November 10, 2017

Daring WAR OF THE WORLDS Movie Is Taking Over Amazon Prime

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War of the Worlds The True Story

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The memoir of the last living survivor of the Earth/Mars War of 1900 during the apocalypse at the hands of terrifying alien invaders.

What if the Earth/Mars battle from H.G. Wells' classic novel The War of the Worlds wasn't fiction but actually fact? That's the story of WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY, one of 208 contenders for the 85th Academy Award Oscars, including consideration for best adapted screenplay, best editing and best original score. Like the famous 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast that caused Americans to believe an actual invasion was in progress, the movie assumes an Earth/Mars War actually occurred in the year 1900 and is presented as the eyewitness memoir of journalist Bertie Wells, the last living survivor as he struggles to find his wife amidst the destruction of humankind at the hands of terrifying alien invaders.

"War of the Worlds The True Story is clever like Wells. Hugely inventive and ambitious, a mock sci-fi docudrama packed with a truly impressive — and clever — mix of editing (a reported 3 1/2 years' worth), special effects, visual artistry and offbeat storytelling."  Critic Gary Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times
"Impressive for its technical achievements...Director/Editor Hines weaves the various styles of footage together in expert fashion."
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Steven Rose Jr. of the Examiner gave the movie 5 out of 5 stars and said, “’The True Story’ carries the suspense and drama of both the 1953 movie and Spielberg’s 2005 version but in a more realistic manner through its documentary style.”

“The aliens are unsettling, with bright, evil eyes and writhing tentacles. The designs of the tripods and the aliens are much truer to the book than other versions," said reviewer Tristan Hiegler of the PT Leader
The movie uniquely uses Cutting Edge Visual Effects to blend a modern cast with Battalions of Actual Fighting Soldiers, Golden Age Movie Stars, and previously undisclosed images of Tentacled Alien Creatures and their 10-Story High, 3-Legged Fighting Machines.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

See Stunning Action Packed New Official Trailer for Epic CHROME Sci-Fi Mini Series 

CHROME In The Future Robots Are The Good GuysThe new official trailer of CHROME, a spectacular action adventure female superhero sci-fi mini series slated for release Sept 7, 2017 is now online.

CHROME, the action adventure female superhero sci-fi streaming mini series is slated for release September 7, 2017. CHROME the series, directed by Timothy Hines, starring Katie Tomlinson, Susan Goforth and Anthony Piana, was created with flavors of the classic 1927 Metropolis, golden era serialized pictures like Rocket Man and the bright surreal colors of Mad Max: Fury Road.

The new official CHROME trailer is now online on YouTube and Vimeo. #Breathtaking 

#ChromeScifi #Robots #Dystopian

The one of a kind picture is a boundless epic with a story that portends deeper meaning mounted on the skeletal structure of an all out action movie.In the early days of the 22nd Century, the human population reaches a staggering 12 billion. Global disease, famine and suffering have spread on an unimaginable scale. In the wake of epic brutal wars over food, water and medicine, an oppressive planetary government has formed called Gesomnus.

A vast robot workforce is increasingly relied upon to perform the daily tasks that hold together what remain of the decaying infrastructure. The taskmasters are cruel to their robot slaves. Human injury inhibitors prevent the robots from fighting back. Rumors spread of a robot who has appeared who can face down the masters. They call her Chrome.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE is Now Available OnDemand and DVD

Whatever mountains you face in life, no matter how big they look, don’t shrink back in fear, rise up in faith.

Nellie Bly lived by these words, fully, courageously and with purpose.
I strive to do the same. I live to serve and be a positive force in the world.

I am so blessed to be an artist and to bring Nellie Bly's true story, 10 Days In A Madhouse to the movies. It's been a wonderful journey that has shaped and grown me.

I can't wait for my next project EARTH ANGEL!

10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE is Now Available On Demand and DVD at all fine retailers. Links Below:

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