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Favorite NY Comic Greg Kritikos turns Misery into Movie Magic in CHARLIE BOY

Spend 1 Minute with Greg Kritikos and you will see why this New York comic headliner has audiences flocking to him and great buzz surrounding his starring role in CHARLIE BOY, a new comedy movie by Timothy Hines.

ABOVE: Standup Comedian, writer and creator Greg Kritikos stars as the title character in the upcoming feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY.

ABOVE: Comedic creator, standup comic and actor Greg Kritikos on set with movie superstar Kelly Le Brock and director Timothy Hines on the feature film CHARLIE BOY.

Greg Kritikos was always destined to be a beloved comedic movie star. This gritty, street-wise, reformed gangster has been compared to Jackie Gleason for his heart and appeal. He is frequently sought after to headline New York City’s biggest and most legendary comedy clubs, including Gotham, Carolines and Dangerfield’s. And now he is the starring role in the feature comedy CHARLIE BOY, which Kritikos co-wrote with Frederick Stroppel and which also features Kelly Le Brock as Donna and Burt Young as Luca.
Kritikos has always been funny. Since he was a tiny kid folks have commented on just how witty, insightful and funny he naturally was. A born entertainer, his talent and heart were put on hold as the brutality and tragedies of life led him to guns, gangs, drugs and prison before he found recovery and began re-lighting his life. Throughout his journey he had the relatable talents of Jackie Gleason as his beacon of hope.
ABOVE: Domenico Del Giacco (BLUE BLOODS, THE GOOD COP) as mild-mannered young mobster Mikey Greco in the feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY.

Kritikos explains, “Since childhood watching Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners brought me peace, joy, and laughter at a time when I so much needed it. He is and always will be my true idol. I’m so grateful that people see him in me, or I remind them of him through my facial expressions. To me that’s priceless.”
ABOVE LEFT: Cast members Peter Plano (Federal Agent McCovey) and Teddy Smith (Detective Frank Mazzulo) stand by to enter a scene while filming CHARLIE BOY, pictured with (on Right in Steadicam) director Timothy Hines and (in headphones) line-producer Katerina Olkhavaya.

CHARLIE BOY, based loosely on Greg Kritikos’ real life, follows the story of straight and sober recovering mobster Charlie Borakos. Charlie now works as a standup comedian and, after many years of recovery and giving back to his beloved community of Astoria, Queens New York, he is still burdened by the guilt of his son’s death and friend’s maiming due to his drinking, drugging and negligence of the past. So when good friend Tommy G’s gambling problem surfaces to the extreme and his prior mob boss Big Angie moves back into town, Charlie’s benevolent and save-the-day attitude and knack for doing all he can to help others and turn misfortune into laughter, saves the day and catapults Charlie to the next level of enlightenment.
ABOVE: Star and co-writer of CHARLIE BOY Greg Kritikos on set with the legendary Burt Young as Luca, the neighborhood's sage and Charlie Boy's longtime friend.

“Writing and Producing my first feature has been a long time dream of mine,” relates Kritikos. “The first time I went to a Movie theatre I fell in love! It was the Astoria movie theater! I was eight years old.”

“All throughout; through my scary childhood through my personal darkness to now, I never stopped dreaming and believing that one day I can make my dreams come to life,” said Kritikos, "My journey began in 2011. I had to go through darkness first so I could see the light. The reason I wrote CHARLIE BOY with Frederick Stroppel is because I wanted everyone to know that they can accomplish anything that their heart desires. All you need is to believe. As long as you have passion and the willingness you can make everything happen. We all have a plan but our higher power has a plan for us! God has blessed me with some amazing people around me. I couldn’t do this alone. I’m so happy and grateful for the people who believe in me and motivate me. Nothing happens by mistake.”
ABOVE: CHARLIE BOY star Greg Kritikos (Center Right) on set with director Timothy Hines (in Steadicam), actors George N. Mikedis (Leo) and Colin Buckingham (Vinny Gallo), and line-producer Katerina Olkhavaya (off right).

Charlie Boy director Timothy Hines says, "It was Greg and Frederick's script that drove me to make Charlie Boy. I have worked in this business for decades and I have never read such a perfectly balanced and honest comedy. I had to make this movie. And working with Greg, what I can tell you is, he is a walking dynamo and every inch an accessible humanist. His spontaneous wit nearly caused me to crash when we were sharing a car driving to set one day as Greg was pointing out how Siri got nervous about our conversation and directed us to Manhattan by mistake."
ABOVE: CHARLIE BOY executive producer Dominick Martini and cast member Burt Young (Luca)

ABOVE: Burt Young (Luca) and Greg Kritikos (Charlie Boy) praying in a scene from CHARLIE BOY, a film by Timothy Hines.

ABOVE: Producer Susan Goforth (WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY, 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE THE NELLY BOY STORY, CHROME) is producing the comedy film CHARLIE BOY with creative star Greg Kritikos. Goforth was pivotal in the casting of the movie.

“When I met Greg Kritikos I immediately saw this modern-day Jackie Gleason slash James Cagney man with a soul-spilling heart, who made me laugh my face off with one-liners and improvising,” comments producer Susan Goforth who is producing CHARLIE BOY along side Kritikos. “Kritikos combined with Frederick Stroppel’s comedic writing, the leadership of director Timothy Hines and executive producer Dominick Martini and a heaven-sent cast and crew, and I knew CHARLIE BOY would turn out a winner. I am just so thankful for everyone and all the good fortune on this picture. I can’t wait for the world to see Greg Kritikos knock this one out of the park.”
ABOVE: Teaser Poster for the feature film comedy CHARLIE BOY.

Some Bad Guys Become Good Guys

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Susan Goforth is an actress and producer of movies and media. She is a magna cum laude graduate of The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, toured the US extensively in musicals and theatre and has performed in 100's of commercials and industrials for the Fortune 500. She is astute in all areas of production and an expert special effects artist. Her film WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY is available via Amazon.

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The 2018 Tony Awards Celebrate Live Theater and Life

     Today the American Theatre Wing brings us the 2018 Tony Awards, a celebration not only of the best plays and musicals on Broadway, but of all live theater across the globe and its importance to the human soul. No other art form demands its participants to have the voice of an Angel, the body of an Olympian, the dance skills of Baryshnikov, the visual ascendancy of a Master Painter, the writing skills of a Doctorate, the style of an International Celebrity and the heart of a Spiritual Leader. I am especially grateful to all the people I trained with, my teachers and peers who remain positive influence in my life via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To everyone I have had the privilege to put on my dancing shoes and perform a Broadway musical with, Thank You. And Thank You to Everyone who dares to keep coming back, to create and better this world through the medium of Live Theater.